'The Land Remains'    

This has been a popular touring production since 2011. 'The Land Remains' takes the listener on a journey across the lands and oceans of our past, telling the stories of the many thousands of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people driven from their homes and lands by cruel landlords and corrupt governments. Using music, songs and narrative interwoven with silhouettes and beautiful pictures as a changing projected backdrop, Cast in Time will carry you back to a time where little had changed in hundreds of years; until power, greed and industry forced people away from the life they knew and loved. These are true stories showing the endurance, strength and fortitude of these people in times of adversity.

With powerful lead vocals and harmonies, this great group playing a variety of instruments will leave you with a truly memorable musical experience. The line-up for 2015 is Ray Tower (guitar and vocals), Christina Harden (vocals and percussion), Jackie May (mandolin and vocals), Alan Symons (bass and vocals), Caroline (flute, keyboard and vocals) and John Anderson (six, tenor and twelve string guitars, bouzouki and vocals).

'The Land Remains' enjoyed an inaugural sell-out performance in 2011 in the atmospheric ballroom at Gaunts House near Wimborne and has since gone on to play to enthusiastic audiences touring Hampshire, Dorset and Witshire. 'The Land Remains' draws audiences who encompass lovers of folk, social history and supporters of live performance. 

The band are looking forward to opening the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival on Friday 12th June 

 Here are a selection of testimonials:

Elizabet Huxley 'Very moving, telling truths through music, narrative and song. I loved it'

Jan Moray 'Unexpected; thought provoking and evocative'

Dot & John Broom 'Very enjoyable -a very serious subject portrayed in lovely melodies'

Jonathan Evans 'It was such a detailed insight and education of man's treatment of the most vulnerable..your performance lifted some of my own pain...'

Tim Kidney 'Beautiful! You sang all about what we aspire to and what we want to achieve. We will see you again.'

Elizabeth & Philip Colwill 'Brilliant, beautifully balanced programme and performance'

'The Land Remains' is suitable for village halls, theatres, festivals and large folk clubs. All eighteen songs from 'The Land Remains' are available on CD and there is a booklet to accompany the show which includes background information and the choruses to the songs.

Alderholt Village Hall 2014

The original cast at Gillingham Methodist Church