Poacher's Moon Band Members

John Anderson

John Anderson is originally from the North East of England, spent twenty years in Cornwall and is now settled in Dorset. As the founder of both bands he writes most of the music and lyrics for Cast in Time and Poacher’s Moon.

He has forty five years experience as a folk singer / musician and has been a prolific song writer over the last ten years. With a passion for acoustic instruments, John plays six, twelve and tenor guitars and in recent years the Irish bouzouki. 

As early as 1968 he performed on BBC radio in a folk programme, broadcast from Durham.  In 2005 his music was used on BBC 1's Inside Out.

His songs can be uplifting, thought provoking, sometimes sad and occasionally controversial. With great choruses they are enjoyed wherever the bands play.  

Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson was never destined to escape the genre with folk dancing parents and a mum who was a Caller; never a dull moment in her childhood home filled with music and new dances being tested in the front room!

From childhood Caroline has sung in many different choirs from church and school groups to large classical choirs and has played flute and recorder shyly in several orchestras & music groups over the years. She also plays the keyboard and has big hair.


Ray starting singing and playing guitar in Gibraltar in the early 1970's.

On returning to England he has pursued his love of singing in many choral groups. He currently is musical director of Jubilate. With a gift for lead vocals, harmony and arrangement, he is also an excellent acoustic guitarist and extremely proactive in the creativity of the arrangements of the music for Poacher's Moon.


Louise has been singing in folk clubs and concerts with her father since she was fourteen years old so it is a natural progression that she should bring her sweet voice to join with the family in Poacher's Moon. After supporting the band for many years Louise will be involved in the line-up for the new 'Poppies Red and Cornflowers Blue' tour in 2016/17.

Besides her involvement with Poacher's Moon Louise also sings with Keiran Mitchell as 'The Promise'. She has recently released  her first album entitled 'Beyond the Darkness', which has enjoyed radio play locally. We are pleased to welcome baby Orla Promise Mitchell into our musical world, Louise and Kieran's baby daughter was born in July 2017.

Pete Coley

We are thrilled to have Pete Coley on board as our soldier and member of the band. Pete discovered folk music when he went on a Folk Course as a teenager in Sussex! He has since passed on his love of music on to his children.

Pete plays the flute (inspired by Jethro Tull) and the fiddle (inspired by Eliza Carthy) as well as the bones and the bodhrun.

He enjoys sessions and country wide folk festivals...he is in command of a huge song repetoire which spans hundreds of years of folk history. He is an avid historian and one of his prized possessions is a WW1 whistle which was manufactured and used in the same year as the Battle of the Somme.