Poachers Moon Track Bites


A song which is evocative of water and describes the journey of two Devon rivers from source to confluence; Hoaroak Water and the East Lyn, which tumble downwards to Watersmeet and then through the deep, oak lined gorge to the sea.

Three Thousand Miles

Imagine those weary Irish immigrants, staring back across the Atlantic Ocean and the realisation that they would probably never go back. Think of all they had lost - those they had left behind and the friends and loved ones they had lowered to the deep. Their spirits will ride the waves for all time.

Dark Rosaleen

The name 'Dark Rosaleen' refers to Ireland the appeared in poems of the time. Evicted and starving the people of Ireland must have felt foresaken by their own country, as they made the long trek to Dublin and the cosat, to board the ships that would take them away forever.


Another way of ridding Ireland of the poorer classes was to transport many for even the most minor offences, usually committed because of need. In this song, Mary Ann O' Connell was transported to Van Deimans Land for seven years, for stealing a blanket; leaving behind her husband and three young children.

The Briar Thorn

Gerard Keegan and his wife Aileen left Ireland one of the notorious 'coffin' ships. They landed on Grosse Isle, a quarrantine station for emmigrants before landing in Newfoundland. They both perished on th Island their memories live on through the diaries and accounts of Gerard Keegan.

Dream of England

From the new 2014 show 'Poppies Red and Cornflowers Blue', this track tells of the thoughts of a young man from Corfe as he lies in the desperate conditions of the WW1 trenches.